Knock-Knock….who is there? Social Media Citations!




Thank you Todd Wasserman from Mashable!


We all have friends or friends of friends in our social networks who just don’t know the rules. Now there’s a way to gently educate them and bolster your self-regard at the same time.
A company called Knock Knock is offering Social Media Citations, modeled off the ones cops distribute in real life. The citations include social media faux pas such as “poking,” ”’Liking’ your own status,” “lurking” and “oversharing.”
For $4.50, you can get a pack of 50 note pad style citations. Interestingly, there’s no online version so it’s unclear how you’re supposed to give them out. (Snail mail? Leave them on a colleague’s desk?)
Of course, social media etiquette is still a work in progress. But if you want to single out those egregious offenders — like the FarmVille addict or friend who posts inspirational quotes on a daily basis — these might do the trick.

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