A note from the Chairman of the Board of the Jenna Druck Center – WOW – Girl Power!

All I have to say is “Wow!”

Last night’s Girl Power event was beautiful, well-organized, well-managed and successful!

Hopefully, very successful on the financial end of things.

Leigh, David and Mallory – the house was amazing, the valet worked perfectly and the event was big enough to look like a huge success, but small enough to still feel intimate.  Thank you so much for opening up your home to the cacophony the is inevitable when something of that magnitude descends on your personal life.  What an amazing, amazing contribution you have made to the Jenna Druck Center.  On top of it Leigh, you did a beautiful job as our emcee – you were eloquent, succinct and well-spoken.  You represented us well, and you were adorable on top of it in your festive Girl Power dress!  Thank you.

Mary Beth and Crew – you truly are experts in the event planning area.  The logistics were well-done and the set-up was perfect, the food and beverages were awesome!  Mary Beth, your “mark” of perfection was all over everything, and you and Leigh really did team up like sisters to get the heavy-lifting done and assure a success.

Thank you. Miryam, Leanne and Chris – everything went beautifully and you each played a critical role leading up to, during and throughout the event.  A special call-out to Miryam, who appropriately pushed us all to buy tickets and tables and to invite individuals who would be willing to potentially make a contribution.  Thank you for being the wonderful team of professionals that you are!

Ken – as always, you did a wonderful job as our founder, speaking from your heart about Jenna, about what we stand for, and about the legacy of Jenna.  You did a wonderful job, so thank you.

Randi – was fabulous and someone absolutely needs to tell her that she  is amazing and did a wonderful job of entertaining, creating that festive “feel” and doing her part to make the program wonderful.  She was awesome, and we owe her our thanks as well.

Volunteers, chefs, attendants – what a blessing.  They were all wonderful, represented us well and they were there for the right reasons.  They also deserve our thanks.

Board members – for those who were there, thank you for buying tickets (and tables) A special call out to Teofla and Sheri for going above and beyond!  A special call out to Shana for all of her amazing support!  Some friends of mine who were there now want to book a night at Paradise Grille after meeting you, so here comes some business!

Thank you to all, for the amazing team effort, and for a job well done.

Congratulations! Molly Cartmill

Chairman of the Jenna Druck Center


Pictures from the Event


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