The MBK Associates team have been extremely fortunate to receive unsolicited feedback and testimonials from not only our clients, but from many of our rock-star partners.  We pride ourselves on over-delivering – remember, our goal is our clients’ ultimate success!


Bill Menish Bill Menish Auctioneers
This partnership is unbelievable. Individually, these women know everybody, and know how to rally them behind great events and fundraisers. Together, with their connections, they are amazing and unstoppable!
Exquisite Weddings Magazine Team
The MBK team was an integral part of the success in our Exquisite Weddings Spring Summer 2010 Launch Party. They produced an excellent fashion show, filled the event with the perfect audience, treated all of our clients with the utmost professionalism and care, and provided constant support for the our own team. It was refreshing to work with MBK Team’s leadership, creativity and charisma, and we look forward to working with MBK & Associates again!
Navid Nader N2 Design
I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside MBK wonderful team in multiple events. They are not only professional but at the same time they are extremely personable and easy to approach. They make my life easier with their willingness to cooperate and do what it takes to make things work. They are a CAN DO team and the fabulous events that they have managed says much about their talented team. Anyone needing to have a flawless event take place must consider MBK & Associates.
Vivian Glyck Just Like My My Child Foundation
Mary Beth and her team over delivered on the event they created for Just Like My Child Foundation. Through their amazing connections, our annual fundraiser raised more money and cost dramatically less than our past events, resulting in our ability to help far more women and children. With MBK running the show, I was relaxed and had more time to meet and mingle with key donors and guests — exactly what any non profit executive wants and needs to be doing at an event.
Kathryn Takahashi
Earlier this year, I was just a student in need of a few practicum hours. I interned for MBK, and did not expect to do much more than man the registration tables, or serve food to guests at their events.

However, MBK gifted me with much more than that. I was amazed with all of the opportunities that were presented to me. MBK mentored me and provided an environment where I could grow and cultivate my skills and talents through their fantastic events.

Working with MBK was not only educationally beneficial for me, it was a great life experience. The leadership and guidance of the Founder and CEO, Mary Beth Kellee, was critical for my personal growth. Without her tutelage, I would not have had the confidence to pursue the event management industry in Seattle, Washington. I am so thankful for the time I spent with MBK. The experience and the lessons I have learned have already been proven crucial to my success as an event manager.

Gordon Carter President, Board of Directors, Awakenings
I appreciated the partners of MBK’s leadership role for our “Peaceful Easy Feeling” event. Their talent and experience took the event well beyond our expectations. We enjoyed their skillful (and cheerful) approach to concept development, planning, and execution. MBK helped us take this event from ‘good to great’. Of course these efforts resulted in a more successful event and a much larger contribution to Awakenings. Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable gifts with us.
Dr. Ken Druck, Founder The Jenna Druck Foundation
I doubt anyone, anywhere could have produced a smoother/classier day-of-event program for our organization than the MBK Team.