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Produced by the Emmy Award winning team of InteReality Media and San Diego’s top public relations, social marketing and event strategies company, MBK Associates is a daily video magazine/blog hosted by those who KNOW San Diego best.  16 categories representing all that America␣s Finest City has to offer.

Each day, new videos will take viewers inside the world of Fashion, entertainment, beauty, health, food and fun; all with a San Diego flavor. Exclusive category sponsorships are now available for a limited time. Lock in your specialty today, build a video marketing library and show San Diegans that you are truly in the KNOW.

The KNOW In San Diego – a new video blog for those in The KNOW….











Be a “featured” EXPERT for one or more of our  categories and show San Diego that you are truly in THE KNOW.

Content DOES make a difference!

Video is a powerful medium but it must be done right. Your audience is looking to be entertained. They are in search of information they can␣t get anywhere else. They want to be inspired, excited and enlightened. Traditional video ads no longer cut it. Talking head videos are not effective. Today’s media savvy consumers have high expectations when it comes to what they watch. Give them what they want or they’ll just tune out.The Emmy-Award winning producers of InteReality Media and creators of the national hit television shows, Healthcare Heroes and NurseTV, are partnering with social marketing and event planning powerhouse, MBK Associates, to create a new video blog for San Diego — The KNOW in San Diego.  The centerpiece of The KNOW are compelling, inspiring, and entertaining videos that will grab the viewers’ attention and never let go. This is Internet programming that is as good as anything you’ll see on television from thecompany with more than a decade of visual storytelling experience. Your videos will be showcased on The Know blog as well as your Website, Facebook, YouTube and everywhere savvy consumers look for fresh ideas.  See our work at and at

Sponsorship Opportunities for The KNOW Category Packages:

. You’ll be the exclusive EXPERT for the category of your choice for the length of your contract

. Four one-minute video segments a month featuring you and/or your company and service

. Segments will include insider tips, demonstrations, product reviews, how-to’s, hot spots, and new trends

. Segments will appear on The KNOW In San Diego blog and on your own website

. All production is included

. You can use your segments anyway you’d like (Your website, Facebook, blogs)

$500/month for non-exclusive (12-month commitment required)

$1000/month for exclusivity of category – YOU are the only expert (12-month commitment required)

The KNOW Title Sponsorship Package (Only 1 Available):

. Title sponsorship of The KNOW In San Diego website/blog — “The KNOW is brought to you by…”

. Banner advertising on the main page and on each subject page

. A monthly video about you and/or your company or organization hosted on The KNOW site

. Promotion during public relations and marketing activities including MBK Associates events

. Pricing available upon request

Watch the know in San Diego!

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