Are you fast thinking? A high achiever? Confident? Assertive? Check out this signature program created by Manna For Life!

Introducing Manna For Life KEY Signature Programs.  I find that my friends are parents of this age group and often are struggling with the necessary tools to coach and guide their young adult children.  Manna Ko has designed a key signature program that helps support the age group known as the Joshua Age, the hip and happening group!






From Manna:

The Joshua Age™


The Joshua Age™ Program is tailored specifically towards today’s 20’s to 30’s “happenin’” crowd.


If you are part of the The Joshua Age™ generation, then I know you are fast thinking, creative, high achieving, multi-tasking,  confident, assertive, multi-culturally exposed, computer literate, technology savvy, and love being self-expressed with your unique identity while being a part of a team focused group or environment.  You have the confidence and the boldness to march forward in search of your dreams, to take a stand against  injustice, and you want to make a difference for society.So, what’s holding you back?

Of all the people we’ve talked to in our research, the answers are overwhelmingly:

1) opportunity to apply what you know and studied

2) being mentored with solid leadership so you are “equipped” beyond your knowledge, and3) being humble and patient as you learn from the “elders” on how to succeed “out there”.I’ve created practical training programs that platform this generation for the fullest expression of your “call” in life.   With the right heart, mindset and perseverance, you can be everything you are called to be – while demonstrating humbleness, reverence and solid work ethics.   At a critical time in history when multi-generational cooperation is essential in order for success to be achieved, this program may just be what you have been looking for!

Please call our office to find out more about our ongoing programs, individual sessions, workshops, and speaking events on this topic.


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